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Practice Management Solutions for Every Practice

When it comes to managing your dental practice, we realize you need your management software to be just as unique as your practice. That’s why here at Centaur Software, we provide a wide range of solutions designed to optimize your operations, increase your treatment acceptance rates, and improve your patient pipeline.


D4W is UAE’s most popular dental practice management software, including a wide range of features and enhancements that decide to meet your needs.

xPlain is our patient education module. specifically designed to increase treatment acceptance rates by giving patients the confidence and knowledge they need to make an informed decision.

Give patients the instant response they expect with 24/7 eAppointments, eForms and eSignatures. These streamlined technologies make booking appointments as easy as pressing a button.

An intelligent marketing tool to maximise the benefit of your patient data to grow your clinic

Dental4Windows has been designed so that you get the most benefit out of your existing patient database when utilizing its powerful marketing module. To remain successful in today’s competitive healthcare environment, you’ll need to make full use of this data as it is your best source for clinic expansion. You can segment patients into defined groups for recall and to market new or favoured services i.e. Invisalign. You can easily track and report failed recalls, incomplete treatment and much more. This feature drives intelligent cost-effective marketing which is essential for clinic expansion.