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Centaur Software Development Company

For over twenty-five years, the Centaur Software Development Company has been a leading provider of practice management solutions. We have invested significant resources in the systems, facilities, and personnel required to provide outstanding service to our customers, ensuring they receive the maximum value from their investment in IT.

Initially designed by Sydney Dentist Dr. Frank Papadopoulos in partnership with Mr. Michael Sokol and Dr. Yuri Tsimbler, Dental4Windows & Practice Studio has become the most popular and best-selling practice management system in the industry.

A most important asset, your patient

Running a clinic is not easy and you want to concentrate on your patients to give them both the best clinical outcomes and also the best experience. There is nothing wrong with running a manual office and great support staff will ensure things get done. But… Dentistry has changed and there is now a much more complex set of parameters in place and a lot more tasks that have to be carried out and recorded accurately. Due to tasks being so interdependent when errors occur they can have a major effect on the workflow of the clinic. Many of our customers switch to Dental4Windows -the best “dental clinic management system” solution because of the pressure and mistakes that occur in a manual system.

Our core values

Relentless Innovation

We are constantly learning and innovating so you can stay at the forefront of practice management system technology.

Be Dependable

We believe that you should always be able to rely on your practice management system software and receive tailored support

Customers First

In everything that we do, we always put the considerations and concerns of our customers first, helping you grow your practice with ease.

Keep It Simple

Managing a dental practice is complicated enough. We strive to make D4W an intuitive and elegant program, so you can focus on running your business.

Have Fun and Treat All With Respect

Practice management system software is an exciting field with endless possibilities. We believe every person can contribute a valuable opinion.

Speed to Market

You must stay up-to-date with the newest software developments, which is why we concentrate on delivering the industry’s latest refinements.