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In June and October, 2018 we communicated to all our valued customers that we would be instituting the new White Listing processes at Centaur.

Download October 2018 Communication

Download  July 2018 Communication

“The new White List security access arrangements will come into effect as of 1st of  February 2019 after this date all connections to Dental4Windows will be strictly limited to only authorised development partner applications. Please remember that under the new strict Australian data privacy and data breach notification laws and regulations, we can no longer provide unimpeded open access to D4W database and are bound by law to adequately protect and secure D4W and Practice Studio patient databases.”

We’ve had an overwhelming support from you, our valued customers, on the security improvements implemented, particularly the White Listing process that validates and certifies access of all external 3rd party applications, which came into effect on the 1st of February 2019.

As requested, many customers have followed up with their software suppliers and subsequent to this a significant number of 3rd party application providers have been certified by Centaur over the last 12 months and we thank you for this.

These software suppliers are now successfully connecting into D4W database via APIs or other means and continue delivering value to our mutual customers without any disruptions.

We would like to identify there has been one instance where a provider of services to our customers , Health Engine (HE), has not accepted the Certification process. As a result of this, there is the present disruption to HE services.

We regret this instance.Centaur Partners Network embraces all companies that offer beneficial services to our D4W Customers as part of the Centaur Partner Network. In order to continue fully integrated services to D4W it is essential for HE to certify as a Centaur partner and follow Australian Signals Directorate established criteria for verifiable data access.

With the the new Privacy and Data Protection Laws, we have been transparent with our intentions for the D4W Product Security Upgrade and the underlying reasons for it. It is our responsibility to you, our customers, that Centaur takes all necessary steps to protect the interests and data for all our customers. It is this responsibility that has guided us on our path to creating strong privacy and data protection policy and the Centaur Partners Network to ensure compliance and best practice.

Please check with your 3rd party  application providers if they are connecting into D4W database and if they are certified with Centaur. If not, please Download Centaur Certified Partner Form  The Centaur Partner Program Application Form then needs to be completed and emailed to information@centaursoftware.com